My Story

Hello, my name is Jennifer Manning

I grew up in a quiet suburban neighborhood in Northern California – a beautiful home, two loving parents, a brother and sister. From the outside my life was picture perfect – but, on the inside I struggled with fear and acceptance. The price of my seemingly perfect life came with expectations and roles and rules. And so I learned to play the game and became what you would call a “rule follower.” And I found myself barricaded by the pressure of these unwritten rules and lofty expectations that began to define and dictate both my success and my happiness.

I became a master at following rules, and in this safe and curated space I found great success. I graduated from the college of my dreams, started a successful career, and owned my very own home… but with all of my success, I still found myself empty and searching for more.

Then in 2010, tragedy struck my family and the fragile walls of my perfect world crumbled. All of the rules and expectations that had defined me no longer made sense. And I knew that it was time for me to stop living a life defined by perfection and start living a life defined by authenticity. It was time to stop searching for happiness in the approval of others, and instead find true happiness in the only place possible – myself.

I had to do some deep soul searching to discover the real Jennifer – free from labels, and check boxes, and gold stars. I realized that I no longer needed to live up to anyone’s expectations or rules. I realized that living out my authentic purpose was the only path to true happiness and success. And I realized I had the power within myself to create a life that is perfect for me.

Among the rubble of so much pain, I found who I really was. I began to set intentions and to go after what my heart desired. I started being bold with myself and with others. And I stood up for things that mattered, including myself.

So….what matters to me is:

  • Love – I believe that Love always Wins – even when it doesn’t look like it

  • Courage – standing up for me and others – being bold

  • Integrity – mine/yours – be you – don’t fake it!

  • Grace – we all need it, especially me

  • Oh – and I matter, my thoughts, feelings and life

Through all this work I discovered my passion – working with others to help them find their authentic selves, to get out of their own way, and create the life they want.

For nearly 20 years I have coached people in business, helping them to get to the next level, reaching for their dream “careers.” Now I get to spend my time working with the whole person – helping them identify barriers that are holding them back so that they are free to live an extraordinary life.

Professional Experience and Credentials:

I attended Pepperdine University and have my bachelors degree in communications and youth and human services.

In my professional career, I have had the fortune to work within high profile companies such as Starbucks, Ann Taylor, PetSmart and FedEx Office where I specialized in human resources working side by side with operations to coach them through situations and work to develop exceptional teams.

My favorite part of my corporate career has always been working with people to attain their goals.

Besides hours of on the job training as a coach, I have been professionally trained in the art of coaching. I am a Certified Professional Coach (PCC) through the International Coaching Federation and received my training from the Institute of Professional Excellence in Coaching.

I am also an Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner, which means I am trained to assess your energetic level, look at your perceptions and beliefs, so together we can uncover what could be holding you back from getting the results you are looking for in every area of your life.

My Certifications:

More Fun Facts and Random Info About Me:

I have always been a hopeless romantic and I am so glad I waited for the right one; I was married September 2014 and we had our 1st (adorable baby) boy in August 2015
I feel alive when I am with people – I am an extrovert to the extreme
I lived in Italy in college – got an A in Italian and speak zero Italian
Growing up I either wanted to be a School Bus Driver or a Supreme Court Judge
Being a Mom is better than I ever expected – I am so in love with my 2 boys. They’ve changed my world!
My faith is the most important thing in my life and I am a true believer that we are called as Christians to love others where they are at and that means ALL people
I love to public speak – I know it’s on lots of people’s biggest fears list – but I find entertaining an audience exhilarating
I truly believe LOVE ALWAYS WINS!

“You have the power within yourself to create the life you want. Set your intention and go after what you want!” -Jennifer



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